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Jon Finucane MP On Cross-Canada Irish Unity Roadshow

John Finucace, North Belfast Sinn Féin MP, continues his Cross-Canada Irish Unity Roadshow this week with upcoming stops in Ottawa, Ontario, and Toronto.

A trip focused on honouring the GFA & Irish Unity, Mr. Finucane said, "Canada has been a long standing supporter of our Good Friday Agreement & I am here urging continued support as the British government refuses to honour agreements or respect international law.

He continued, "I am here with a clear message to our friends in Canada. This British government has no regard to honouring agreements or respecting international law. Canada can stand by our agreements and progress in Ireland.

“Ireland has changed and is changing. The Good Friday Agreement provides a democratic and peaceful pathway to Irish Unity. We need the Irish government to plan and prepare for Irish Unity. This is about creating something better for all our people”

Visits with labor leaders, politicians, universities, and media stops have provided many opportunities for Canadians to hear the latest information and engage with ensuring that the Good Friday Agreement and Irish Unity are at the top of the agenda.


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