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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

AOH HOSTS JUSTICE WEBINAR Saturday, January 8th, 11.00am Eastern Time/4.00pm Irish Time

The British Government plan to strip victims of the right to access the courts and end-all judicial investigations into the past. In the latest in a series of seminars hosted by the AOH, will directly from those most affected including.

  • Mary McAllan, previewing an explosive Relatives for Justice report into the murder of American citizen Liam Ryan.

  • Willie Loughran of the New Lodge Six Campaign.

  • Seana Quinn is the sister of one of four Cappagh collusion murder victims.

The live webinar broadcast, hosted by the Ancient Order of Hibernians, will be held this Saturday, January 8th, at 11 AM Eastern Time, 4 PM Irish time.

Register for the Webinar::

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