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Kearney welcomes Supreme Court judgement and said it’s time to move forward politically

The Supreme Court of the UK ruled that the Protocol is legal in response to a suit filed by unionists who challenged its legality.

Sinn Féin MLA Declan Kearney welcomed the ruling on the lawfulness of the Protocol and said work must continue to deliver pragmatic and durable solutions.

Kearny is the party’s Brexit spokesperson. He said, “Sinn Féin welcomes today's Supreme Court judgement which rules that the Protocol is lawful and dismisses unanimously the appeal taken.

“Brexit has caused seismic political division, and those who championed it must bear responsibility for this.

“The Protocol limits the damage caused by Brexit and while imperfect it is clearly necessary. No credible alternative to it exists which can protect our economic stability.

“This necessity was recognised by both the British Government and the EU who negotiated the Withdrawal Agreement to which the Protocol is an integral part.

“The Westminster Parliament ratified it and has given it effect in domestic law. They are bound as a matter of international law to comply in good faith with the Treaty they entered into.

“Today's Supreme Court judgement recognises and affirms this reality in law.

“Now that legal clarity has been confirmed, it is time to move forward politically and ensure that a deal between the British Government and EU to deliver pragmatic and durable solutions is secured without delay that makes the Protocol work better for everyone.”

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