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Land Cruise for United Ireland

An American ‘Land Cruise’ for a

United Ireland

Join the Cleveland "One Island One Ireland" Committee to support a Free and United Ireland

  • Show your American and Irish colors in your sweetest ride.

  • SATURDAY OCTOBER 3rd, 2020.  11 AM to 1 PM Kamms Corners, Cleveland, Ohio

  • ‘Drive your vintage, muscle or decorated vehicles’ on the Cruise route: west on Lorain Rd., north on Rocky River Dr., east on Munn Rd to W. 150th, south back to Lorain Rd.

  • Judges booth will be at the corner of Lorain Rd. and Rocky River Drive.

  • This is NOT a parade, all traffic signals and laws must be followed

  • To be considered for prizes send vehicle description and license Plate # to

  • Prizes for "Sweetest Ride" & "Greenest Car" & "Orangest Car" & "Best Bike"

  • For further info and map see ‘IrishCleveland’ on Facebook

Brexit is scheduled to happen this December, 2020 with a threatened return to a hard, militarized border in contradiction to the 1998 Good Friday Accord and the EU withdrawal Agreement both agreed to previously by Britain.  This British illegal action threatens the peace and economy in all of Ireland.

The Majority of citizens in the Six Counties (North of Ireland) voted to remain in the European Union, they are being dragged out against the will of the people.  U.S. elected officials must stand for full implementation of the Good Friday Accord when Britain seeks a direct Free Trade Agreement in the wake of their E.U. departure this December.

With the support of Cleveland Ancient Order of Hibernians and Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians.

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