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Let The People Have Their Say

FOSF Ads in the Todays' New York Times and Washington Post

Today, Friends of Sinn Féin USA's Irish Unity ad campaign went live in the United States. We want to thank you for your support of Friends of Sinn Féin and our St Patrick's Day Fundraising Drive. Our 'United Ireland, Let The People Have Their Say' ads went out today in print the New York Times, Washington Post as well as local Irish-American newspapers across the country like The Irish Echo and Irish Voice. Five other Irish-American organizations co-signed our letter and we are proud to stand with them for Irish Unity. We are already receiving tremendous feedback from the ads, and the best is yet to come. Above is an image of what the ads looks like so you can see your donations in action.

Thank you for your continued support of Friends of Sinn Féin and Irish Unity.

If you would like to make a contribution in support of Irish Unity and our continuing efforts, this donation link is still active:

Today, Sinn Féin President released a statement saying in part: "I commend the groups involved for their common sense call for the Irish government to prepare and promote Irish Unity as part of an informed, respectful and inclusive process and for the British government to set the date for the Unity Referendum."

As Gerry Adams famously said this year: “This generation of Americans could be the first to visit a free and united Ireland.” We are doing our best to make this a reality, and with your help we will do just that. Thank you for your support.

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