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Major New Poll Finds Support for Irish Unity Neck in Neck with Continued Partition.

The latest Institute of Irish Studies-University of Liverpool/The Irish News shows that 39.4 percent of respondents would vote for unity if there were a border poll tomorrow in the North of Ireland

Those who would vote for continued partition stand at 40.6 percent. Just over 1% in favor of the status quo.

These figures are highly significant as no one is asking for a vote tomorrow. It is clear that there is no majority for continued division and that a unity referendum is winnable. We now need the Irish Government to join with Sinn Féin to plan and advocate for Irish Unity.

The figures for a future border poll are even more encouraging for the pro-unity campaign over a 15 to 20-year time scale with support for Unity rising to 41.9 percent against 33.8 percent for continued division. A clear majority for Unity.

Let's not wait that long. Let's start the work today. And let the people have their say.

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