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Mary Lou McDonald Briefs Leading US Diplomats

Alexandra McKnight, Mary Lou McDonald, Paul Narain, Ciarán Quinn

This week Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Féin Representative to North America, Ciarán Quinn met with Alexandra McKnight (Chargé d’Affair Dublin) and Paul Narain (Consul General Belfast).

The Sinn Féin leader thanked the US Administration for its continued role as guarantors of the Peace agreements

Mary Lou briefed the diplomats on the actions of a British Government that does not honor agreements or international law. The refusal to abide by their Brexit agreements and threats to suspend the Irish protocol undermines the institutions in the north and prosperity.

Their proposals to address the legacy of the past conflict, undermine the human rights commitments of the Good Friday Agreement, the proposals of the Stormont House Agreement, the rights of victims, and the process of reconciliation.

The US has been a partner for peace and progress in Ireland and continues to stand by the agreements in the face of British Government threats and provocation.

Ireland is changing. Irish Unity is achievable. The Good Friday Agreement provides for a peaceful and democratic pathway to manage constitutional change. It is incumbent on all who support the agreement to plan and manage this change in the lead up to a unity referendum.

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