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Mary Lou McDonald in Washington DC

The Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald has traveled to the US to meet political, community and labor leaders to discuss the current challenges to the Irish Peace Agreements and to look to the future.

In Washington, Ms. McDonald met with the majority leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer, chair of the Ways and Means Committee Richard Neal, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez, and the Congressional Friends of Ireland Caucus.

"I've had very fruitful and very important conversations with senior figures in the Senate, House, and the Administration and the message is loud and clear that internationally people stand by the Good Friday Agreement. Nobody wants to see

an amnesty; everybody wants to see all victims of the conflict treated fairly and within the law," Ms. McDonald told RTÉ News.

Mary Lou McDonald speaking to RTÉ News in Washington,

"There is a conversation that is live now in respect of Irish reunification - the holding of referendums but more importantly the need to prepare for change," she added.

"I feel very reassured that we continue to enjoy the support of key figures, influencers, and the administration here in Washington when it comes to protecting the Good Friday Agreement and protecting Irish interests."

Later today Mary Lou will travel to New York for a public meeting sponsored by the New York Bar Association.

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