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Mary Lou McDonald Welcomes Move By the US to Close Down Irish Drug Cartel

The US government has imposed sanctions on the three most senior members of the Kinahan organized crime group and offered rewards of up to $5 million for information leading to their arrests or the financial disruption of the gang.

The Gang has been accused of heinous crimes around the world including murder, trafficking in firearms, and narcotics.

Speaking following the joint Gardai/ US announcement, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald said,

“Today’s intervention by the US authorities, in collaboration with the Gardaí, is a hugely significant step in efforts to put the Kinahan drugs cartel out of business and behind bars where they belong. There can be no safe haven for their activities anywhere in the world.

“Many families and communities across the city of Dublin and beyond will be relieved at today’s development. So many young men have lost their lives in the senseless violence linked to this drug cartel.

“While justice remains to be achieved for a large number of grieving families, there is a sense of relief that real progress is being made against an organization which has preyed upon their communities for decades.”

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