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Mary Lou & US Congress

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald, Rep Richard Neal (D-MA) Rep Brian Higgins (D-NY) Rep Dan Kildee (D-MI), Rep Joe Courtney (D-CT), Rep Brendan Boyle, Rep Bill Keating (D-MA) (D-PA) and Rep Joe Kennedy (D-MA)

Today Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald virtually briefed the Congressional Friends of Ireland Caucus in Washington on Brexit and the threats of the British Government to breach international law.

Speaking following the meeting Mary Lou McDonald said, “The British Government has demonstrated that it is prepared to play fast and loose with the Good Friday Agreement and International Law.

This is a fundamental challenge to our agreements, our economic interests, and the rights of citizens.

It is a challenge that must be met across Ireland, across the EU and with our partners in the USA.

Political leaders in the USA were swift and decisive in their condemnation of the British Government proposals. I thanked them for their continued support and briefed them on the implications of the British actions and EU today beginning a legal action. We are in the closing stages of a negotiation and it is not too late for the British Government to pull back and do the right thing; respect international law and honor their agreements. It is quite clear that if the British government’s action result in a hard border across Ireland and an undermining of the Good Friday Agreement there will be no trade deal between the US and Britain."

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