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More British Bad Faith on Brexit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

President Biden, Congressional leaders, and Irish America have urged the British Government to honor their obligations to the EU to protect the Irish Peace Agreements in the Brexit process.

The British Government had agreed to a legally binding deal, known as the Irish Protocol that prevented the imposition of a hard border across Ireland. The protocol only came into effect at the start of this year. Brexit changed almost 50 years of trade checks and policy.

There had been some teething problems with the implementation of the agreement.

President Biden called on these issues to be resolved within the agreed mechanisms, called for no unilateral action, and for the rhetoric to be dialed down.

The EU engaged with business leaders, civic groups, and political leaders in the north of Ireland to examine how to ease the operation of the protocol.

Today the EU unveiled workable proposals to resolve the trading issues. The response by the British Government came before the EU proposals were even published!!

They demanded the Protocol be replaced entirely with a version that they would draft. This includes new red lines and threats to suspend the existing agreement.

A former government advisor disclosed that the British Government never had any intention of honoring the Irish Protocol.

Michelle O'Neill, Sinn Féin deputy President said,

"The attempts by the British Government to undermine the protections and opportunities of the Protocol and impose a hard border must be opposed.

“The conduct of the British government throughout these negotiations has been duplicitous and disgraceful and is an effort to break yet another international agreement.

While the EU has acted in good faith and respected the wishes of the US, the British government continues to act in bad faith and ignore the measured advice of the President and Congress.

The US has been consistent. There would be no trade deal if the British Government broke their agreements or if their actions led to a hard border across Ireland.

Britain is not listening and is now acting as a rogue state that believes that it is not bound by its word.

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