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"No Border, No Cry" - Tom Hayden

Last week Friends of Sinn Féin was gifted a copy of a short pamphlet by our good friend Senator Tom Hayden. Tom was a frequent visitor to Ireland. A passionate advocate for social justice and peace. He built a long and trusting relationship with Sinn Féin leaders. Sadly Tom passed away in 2016.

The Pamphlet, “No Border, No Cry? – The Peace Process and the Causes of Conflict In Northern Ireland” was printed in February 1998, just weeks before the Good Friday Agreement was signed.

Tom lays out his analysis of the causes of the conflict and hopes for a peace agreement.

It also has a short section called the “Hand Shake Diary”. Tom was a guest of the Sinn Féin delegation on the day of the first meeting between Gerry Adams and Tony Blair.

It was the first time that Irish republicans leaders had met with a British Prime Minister since 1921.

It was a historic day and also just another day in the process of building peace which Tom captures brilliantly.

It's strange to look back at that period when unionists refused to even acknowledge or talk to Sinn Féin. When a British Prime Minister met the leaders of Sinn Féin was worldwide news.

Things have moved on, unionists now share power and Irish Unity is on the agenda

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