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December 31st 2020 is the deadline for a new trade deal

We are now entering the endgame of the Brexit trade negotiations and despite the speculation in the British press, there has been no significant progress in securing a trade deal before the current provisions face a legal cliff edge on the 31st of December 2020.

Instead of negotiating in good faith, the British government is set to reintroduce legislation that breaches international law and breaks the Withdrawal Agreement and Irish Protocol the British government signed with the EU at the beginning of this year!! The British government is pursuing this course of action in the face of bi-partisan opposition from the United States Congress and global condemnation. Members of the Congressional Friends of Ireland Caucus including Representatives Richard Neal (D-MA) and Chris Smith (R-NJ) have voiced their concerns about Britain's disregard toward Ireland and the Irish protocol.

Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) is part of the Congressional Friends of Ireland Caucus

Speaking today, Sinn Féin Brexit spokesperson Chris Hazzard MP said, “the British Prime Minister is still chasing a uniquely privileged non-membership access Free Trade Agreement without responsibility or cost - it is simply not on offer, has never been an offer, and will never be on offer.”

Sinn Fein MP for South Down Chris Hazzard

“As we now face the catastrophic collapse of these negotiations in the days ahead it is imperative that the British government and European Union engage urgently and constructively on the full implementation of the withdrawal agreement and the Irish protocol.

“It should also be made clear to the British government that unilaterally amending the withdrawal agreement and Irish protocol via the internal market bill and finance bill this week at Westminster is absolutely unacceptable.

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