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Nollaig na mBan!

Nollaig na mBan or anglicized as ‘Women's Christmas" is an ancient Irish festival to mark the 6th of January.

The date is celebrated throughout the world as the twelfth day of Christmas or the Feast of the Epiphany.

But in Ireland, it has its own significance. Stretching back to a time when women were the ones who looked after domestic work during the Christmas holidays and, practiced most commonly in Cork and Kerry Nollaig na mBan was the day when the woman had the day off and the men took on all the work for a well-deserved change!

Today it is a celebration of women and in normal times was marked by women meeting up with their friends at bars, restaurants, and pubs

So let's celebrate the crucial role of women today and Nollaig na mBan Shona Daoibh for all those strong women in our lives.

Who would you wish a Happy Nollaig na mBan?

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