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On Yesterday's Events in D.C.

Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald outside the US Capitol Building in 2015

Friends of Sinn Féin is, and will always be a non-partisan organization. We have friends and supporters that are Democrats, Republicans, or neither. Progressive or conservative; the common ground is found in doing the right thing by Ireland. In a highly divided and contested political space, Ireland, peace and progress remain a rare area of consensus and agreement in the United States of America.

Watching the disgraceful scenes unfold on Capitol Hill yesterday our first thoughts were for the safety of the many staff and representatives with whom we closely work. Watching, powerless as violence unfolded along corridors we have travelled and offices we visit was hard to stomach.

The peace agreements in Ireland are centered on the equal rights of all citizens, the primacy of politics, the centrality of democracy and an absolute commitment to peace. Those values hold true in Belfast and Dublin. This equally holds true in Washington and in State Houses across the United States. Yesterday saw those values shattered in the Capitol of the United States.

The violence of yesterday has no place in our country or our political process and must be roundly condemned. But condemnation alone is not enough. We must commit that scenes like yesterday can never be repeated again.

We look forward to returning to Washington soon and meeting with our many friends on the hill. We also look forward to working with the incoming Biden Administration and members of the 117th Congress. The challenges for Ireland and the Unites States are great and we wish all leaders the courage and commitment required to confront them and the wisdom to find a way forward.

Hopefully this will be the final act. Let the healing begin.

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