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Opposition to Cover-up Gets Bipartisan Support in the US and All Party Support in Ireland

There are few topics that can unite a broad spectrum of opposing political perspectives, but on a recent webinar hosted by the AOH, representatives of political parties from Ireland and America joined together in one voice to condemn the British government’s plan to end all judicial investigations and impose an unconditional amnesty.

The webinar, “Operation Achille: A Study in Collusion”, took place on Saturday, February 19, 2022. It started with an update from US Representative William Keating of Massachusetts’ 9th district. Rep. Keating is the author of House Resolution 888, “Expressing the hope for justice for the victims of Bloody Sunday…” The Resolution has bipartisan support and 37 Congressional Cosponsors. It also “opposes any attempt by the British Government to implement amnesty or statute of limitation laws that would end or inhibit investigations and prosecutions of crimes committed during the Troubles”, “urges the…United Kingdom to act in good faith with regard to negotiations around Brexit and implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol,” and “calls upon the involved parties to fully implement the Northern Ireland Protocol as agreed upon.” Representative Keating shared why HR 888 is so important. “It is important that all of us that believe in justice, that believe in accountability,” know “that lives unjustly taken are not taken without the full investigation of authorities and the full prosecution of authorities.” He added, “This resolution will make the position of the United States Government…clear that the hard work that resulted in the Good Friday Agreement was not in vain.” The call featured Sinn Fein’s John Finucane MP, Siobhan Clinton, the daughter of Theresa Clinton murdered by state agents, Bosco Kennedy, the brother of 15 year old James Kennedy murdered by state agents, and Mark Skyes, a survivor of the Ormeau Road Bookmakers massacre. They all spoke to their personal experiences, as well as their enduring commitment to accountability and justice. Participants also heard from members of the Irish Senate (Seanad Éireann) Barry Ward (Fine Gael) and Niall Blaney (Fianna Fáil) who joined the call to express their opposition to the British government’s reported plans for amnesty. John Finucane MP spoke to the recent reports published confirming what many had known for a long time, that the Police recruited known killers as agents, armed the gangs, and covered their actions. Mr. Finucane said, “Collusion was not a failure of policing. It was the policy.” This is a list of all 37 Congressional Cosponsors of HR 888. If you do not see your representative’s name on the list, you can call them and encourage them to join. Find your Representative’s contact information here. The entire Ombudsman report can be read here.

You can watch the webinar on the AOH’s YouTube channel.

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