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Pat Sheehan MLA Attends UN Peace Building Conference in New York

Pat Sheehan MLA participated in a conference hosted by the United Nations Department of Peace Operations and the Berghof Foundation. The conference, “Living Political Transformation – Voices of Witnesses” drew panelists from around the world.

Speaking in advance of the conference Pat Sheehan said:

“The Good Friday Agreement is a symbol of hope throughout the world and I look forward to meeting with the panelists and sharing experiences.

“Peace making is on not a one-off event, it’s a process and we have much to do to fully realise the transformative potential of our agreements.

“The conference is extremely timely as our agreements, international law, progress, and the political process is held hostage by a Tory party leadership battle.

“The only way forward is reaching and honouring agreements and respecting the democratic choice of the people to establish government today and the right of the people to determine their constitutional future.”

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