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Pittsburgh To Remember the 1981 Hunger Strikes

Pittsburgh is set to remember the 1981 Hunger Strikers this Saturday with a Mass and Social Event.

The mass will be at 5.00pm August 21st in St. Patrick's Church (1711 Liberty Ave.) and will be followed by an function in Mullaney’s Harp & Fiddle, 2329 Penn Ave.

“Time has not dimmed the memory or healed the wounds caused by the death of the 10

young men who suffered the ultimate sacrifice rather than submit to tyranny. Our sons

hungered for the sake of justice, and they will be remembered when the power that held

and persecuted them will have vanished from this Earth. Many people in America shared

in our grief, supported us in our hour of need and to this day hold memory of the Hunger

Strikers dear. To all of these we give our heartfelt thanks, and may God hold you in the

hollow of his hand until the sacrifice of the Hunger Strikers can be honored in a free and

united Ireland”– A Statement from the Mothers of the Hunger Strikers.

The event is open to all and supported by the Irish American Unity Conference, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Conway Mill Trust, Knights of Equity, Gaelic Arts Society, Echoes of Erin Radio and the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh.

If you are in Pittsburgh this Saturday, please show your support for this event and remember the 1981 Hunger Strikers.

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