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Planting A Tree for Irish Unity "Crann na Saoirse" Springfield (MA)

Tree Planting with Rep. Neal, Michael Ireland, Sean Patrick Crane, Pat Murray

Last weekend events were held at the John Boyle O’Reilly Irish Centre in Springfield (MA) to mark the 40th Anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strike.

A new monument was unveiled to remember the Irish Patriots who died in Long Kesh Prison.

Speeches were given and songs were sung.

Danny Morrison, who acted as the prisoner's spokesperson joined a question and answers session back in the clubrooms via zoom. His contribution was marked by a standing ovation.

You can check out Danny’s talk on our Youtube Channel

This was not a solely solemn look back at the past. It was a celebration of lives lost and hope for the future.

The occasion looked at the legacy of the Hunger Strikes and the potential that now exists to achieve a new and united Ireland.

In a first for the US, the group planted a “Crann na Saoirse – A Tree for Irish Unity”. A symbol of hope. As the tree blossoms so will Irish unity.

Congratulations to all involved in what was a fitting and memorable tribute to the patriots of 1981.

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