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Poll Finds Super Majority in Favor of Irish Unity in the South of Ireland

Over the weekend the Irish Times carried an IPOS/MRBI conducted in the South of Ireland that found 62% in favor of Irish Unity and only 16% opposed.

This is the latest in a series of polls that found a large majority in favor of Unity in the South. Hopefully, it will dispel the myth that the South does not want to be united with the North.

The question is how to bring it about. The key is to plan and prepare for unity. To dispel the myths and research the potential opportunities as well as potential costs

The unity project is the chance to build a new and united Ireland one that takes the best of both states and builds a prosperous and welcoming home for all.

There is a constitutional obligation and a political imperative on the Irish Government to join the unity discussion.

Let’s get to work enacting the will of the vast majority across Ireland.

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