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Poll Latest – Sinn Féin Consolidates The Position As Poll Leaders

Poll Latest – Sinn Féin Consolidates The Position As The Leading Party


A poll conducted by Ireland Thinks and published in today’s Sunday Independent sees a rise of 2% for Sinn Féin. The poll covers the 26 Counties of Ireland that would elect the next Irish Government.

The party has consolidated its position as the largest party in the South. We are seeing a convergence of polls that would give Sinn Féin a 10 point lead over its nearest rivals if an election was called to form a new Irish Government.

But this is only a poll and we take nothing for granted.

Thanks to your support Sinn Féin is the largest party in all of Ireland.

The next election test will be in the North on May 5th when we could elect Michelle O’Neill as the FIRST Sinn Féin's first Minister. That would be a game-changer. #IrishUnityInOurTime

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