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President Biden Calls Out the British Government.

President Biden is in Britain to attend the G7 world leaders summit. As part of the conference, the President will be meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnston.

In advance of the visit, President Biden sent a direct and clear message to the British Government. He directed the United States’ most senior official in Britain to read a statement to the British Brexit Minister and officials. A formal diplomatic device known as a demache and only used in cases of concern.

The statement called on the British Government to stop inflaming tensions in the North of Ireland as leverage in their negotiations with the EU.

Irish history is littered with occasions when the British parties have stirred up Unionist tension and threats of violence to their own political advantage. This cynical and dangerous policy is called playing the orange card.

President Biden also made clear that the post-Brexit Trade Agreement, the Irish Protocol, must be honored and implemented. Any actions by the British Government to undermine the Good Friday Agreement would impact on any possible trade deal between Britain and the US.

Thank you President Biden and thank you Irish America for your continued bipartisan support.

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