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President Biden to Boris - No Hard Border on Ireland.

President Biden warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnston to honor his agreement to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland.

The warning came at a joint press conference last night after the two leaders met in the White House.

The British Government continues to refuse to fully implement their agreement with the European Union known as the Irish Protocol.

When the British Government left the EU it forced the North of Ireland out as well. This was against the wishes of the majority of people in the North who voted to remain within the EU. The South continues to be a member of the EU. The Irish Protocol was designed and agreed to prevent a hard border between Ireland North and South.

Last week a British Minister threatened to collapse the Protocol if the EU refused to give in to their demands.

Since leaving the EU, the British Government has been desperate to reach a trade deal with the US.

Congress and the President have a firm position that there will be no trade deal with Britain, if the Good Friday Peace Agreement is undermined or if a hard border is imposed on Ireland.

The message last night from the President was clear. He felt “strongly” about the issue and explained that this was a sentiment shared across party lines.

President Biden said,

“I would not at all like to see, nor I might add would many of my Republican colleagues like to see, a change in the Irish accords, the end result having a closed border in Ireland."

We hope that Boris Johnson was listening. If the British Government wants a trade deal, and to build a relationship with the US, then they must honor their agreements in Ireland.

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