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President of Ancient Order of Hibernians sends letter to British PM Sunak: Pull Legacy Legislation

The President of The Ancient Order of Hibernians, the largest and oldest Irish Catholic organization in America, delivered a letter today to the British Prime Minister calling on him to pull Legacy legislation, "immediately if you seek not one a favorable judgment by the American people but by the world and history."

AOH President Daniel O'Connell wrote, "For half a century, (the UK has) stalled and equivocated, and now they have the nerve to tell the world that too much time has passed, and it is time to "turn the page." It should be noted that this urgency to "turn the page" began almost simultaneously with the findings by British Courts that the massacres at Ballymurphy and Blood Sunday were unjustifiable. Recent amendments to this bill would halt judicial proceedings currently in process to find the truth behind those horrific events and countless others. The U.K. legacy bill does not 'turn the page'; it is an attempt to tear out the page of the U.K.'s true role in Northern Ireland."

Read the letter in full:

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