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Rockland County Stands in Solidarity With Victims of Conflict

Rockland County Legislature Supporting Truth, Justice and Agreements in Ireland.

In a great initiative, political leaders in Rockland have called on the British Government to remove their threat to ban all police investigations and civil actions connected to their actions during the years of conflict in Ireland.

The legislature calls on the British Government to honor their commitments in the 2014 Stormont House Agreement.

The echoes the bipartisan position of Congress.

While the British Government refuses to honor their peace agreements or abide by international law and plans to undermine the fundamental right of victims to access the legal process, there can be no Trade Agreement.

A copy of the resolution was passed to Presidents Biden and other leaders in the Administration and Congress.

Many thanks Well to the Hon. Vincent D. Tyer for bringing this resolution forward and for his co-sponsors Hon. Philip Soskin, Hon. Aney Paul, Hon. John W. McGowan, Hon. Douglas J. Jobson, Hon. James J. Foley, Hon. Christopher J. Carey, Hon. Lon M. Hofstein, Hon. Alden H. Wolfe.

Rockland is leading the way, will your local legislature bring forward similar resolutions.

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