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Sinn Féin First Minister Elect Michelle O’Neill to attend Coronation of British Monarch

It is often said that leadership is never a comfortable position. Change is challenging and brings unexpected opportunities to demonstrate by word and deed the type of new and united Ireland that is possible. An independent and united Ireland with good relations with their nearest neighbor. A home for all that respects all identities that share the island.

This is the context in which Sinn Féin party Vice President and First Minister Elect Michelle O’Neill announced that she had accepted an invitation to attend the coronation of the British King Charles.

Michelle O’Neill said, “We are living in a time of great change. A time to respect our differing and equally legitimate aspirations, a time to firmly focus on the future and the opportunities that the next decade will bring.

“I am an Irish Republican. I also recognize there are many people on our island for whom the coronation is a hugely important occasion.

“I am committed to being a First Minister for all, representing the whole community, building good relations between the people of these islands, and advancing peace and reconciliation through respectful and mature engagement.

“Therefore, as First Minister Designate, I will join President of Ireland Michael D Higgins, international figures, church leaders, other party leaders and the Assembly Speaker Alex Maskey for the coronation in London.”

Sinn Féin an Irish Republican party that campaigns to unite Ireland and end British jurisdiction. It is the largest party in the North of Ireland and in the South. It makes no secret of that.

Respecting the identity of others does not diminish one's own identity. Simply put, you cannot demand respect for a proud Irish Republican identity and disrespect the identity of others who share Ireland.

A new and united Ireland must be a home to all. The decision today demonstrates that Sinn Féin is making that a reality for all including those British Citizens who live in a partitioned Ireland and hopefully will live in a united Ireland.

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