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Sinn Féin on Course For Historic Election in the North of Ireland

Another Day and Another Historic Poll

Yesterday a poll was published which showed Sinn Féin holding a commanding lead in the South of Ireland.

A poll today published in the Irish News finds Sinn Féin extending its lead in the polls in the North with four weeks to go in the election.

If the polls hold Sinn Féin is on course to be the largest party in the North of Ireland and Sinn Féin Vice President would become the new First Minister.

When Ireland was divided 100 years ago the top position in the government has only been held by a member of a Unionist Party. The northern state was designed to be unionist in character forever.

But times have changed. The absolute unionist electoral majority is gone. Voters are looking to the future and the possibility of Irish Unity.

The election of Michelle O’Neill would demonstrate that the old ways of supremacy and inequality are over. It would be a historic break from the past.

Your help can it possible. Help us make history. Support Friends of Sinn Féin.

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