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Sinn Féin President Calls for Appointment of US Special Envoy

Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD has expressed her support for calls for US President Joe Biden to appoint a Special Envoy to the north of Ireland.

The Sinn Féin President said

"The US has long stood on the side of peace and the primacy of politics to resolve conflict in Ireland. The Good Friday Agreement was made possible by the active involvement of President Bill Clinton and the actions of Special Envoy Senator George Mitchell.

"Successive US administrations have acted as guarantors of our agreements and have appointed Special Envoys to the north. Over the past number of years, the US has had to act to protect the Good Friday Agreement during the Brexit process.

"Our agreements continue to face significant challenges as a result of the actions of a British government that plays fast and loose with international laws and treaties. The outworkings of the Brexit process remains a threat to the Good Friday Agreement and the British government's refusal to implement the Stormont House Agreement undermines reconciliation and the rights of victims.

"The case for the referendum on Irish Unity, an essential element of the Good Friday Agreement, is now undeniable.

"The appointment of a Special Envoy is a crucial element in protecting our agreements and realising their transformative power for this and future generations.

"President Joe Biden has a profound connection with Ireland that is matched by his understanding of our agreements. I support calls for the appointment of a Special Envoy and I urge President Biden to actively consider such an appointment."

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