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Sinn Féin Record High in Poll – Is an Election Looming ???

The week a University of Liverpool/ Irish News Poll found Sinn Féin reaching a record high in the North of Ireland. The poll had Sinn Féin breaking the 30% barrier for the first time and 10 points ahead of their nearest rivals the largest unionist party the DUP.

The poll found that Sinn Féin had consolidated and increased its historic vote in the May elections. Following that election, Michelle O’Neill became the First Minister (elect). Since then the DUP has blocked the establishment of the Government.

If a Government is not established by October 28th then a further election must be held within 12 weeks. Some have speculated that the DUP was holding out for a rerun of the election in the hope of toppling Sinn Féin as the lead party and taking the position of First Minister.

On these poll ratings that do not look likely. Meanwhile, the people of the North are in the middle of a cost of living crisis without a government due to the DUP.

The institutions of the Good Friday Agreement should be re-established immediately.

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