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Sinn Féin Representative to North America tours New England

With stops in Boston, New Bedford, Providence, Hartford and more, Sinn Féin Representative to North America, Ciarán Quinn, met with politicians, community leaders, and organizations to discuss the latest developments from Ireland.

The 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement provides a moment to assess the progress made as well as the need for continued engagement and support. Issues of Legacy legislation, the status of the Assembly, polling, and more all point to the ways in which support from North America - at every level - is vital.

Ciarán met with elected officials at the Massachusetts State House, in community halls, with gatherings of neighbors, and with leaders of Irish American organizations. At every event and in every meeting, it was clear that America's support for the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement is unwavering.

At one stop on his visit, Ciarán shared, "The US is crucial in holding the British Government to account. It was US and EU pressure that brought the British Government back to the negotiating table on Brexit. That pressure needs to be maintained to seal a deal.

From my conversations this week I know that we have allies and friends across the US. We can overcome these challenges and we will realize the opportunity to build a new and united Ireland."

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