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Sinn Féin Tops Polls North and South.

Polls released over the weekend, show Sinn Féin leading the other parties across Ireland.

In the North, an election is due in the first week of May. A poll conducted by the University of Liverpool and published in the Irish News found the party having a near 4 point lead over the DUP, the largest unionist party.

If this result was to hold in the election Sinn Féin would be in line to take the First Ministers position. This would be the first non-unionist elected to the top position since the foundation of the state one hundred years ago.

The poll also found that just over 1 in 10 unionists believed that the Brexit Protocol was the most important issue in the election. The DUP resigned their First Minister and brought the government to collapse in protest at the Protocol in the belief that it would shore up their support.

It appears that many in the unionist community are not buying into their objections and opposition has been overstated.

On Sunday a poll covering the 26 Counties found Sinn Féin 9 points clear of their nearest rivals, with over one in three supporting the party. Sinn Féin has consolidated its position as the largest party in the South at the midpoint of the election cycle.

If these results were maintained in elections North and South, Sinn Féin would lead the governments in both jurisdictions. With Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald as the first woman Taoiseach and Vice President Michelle O’Neill as First Minister in the North. That would be some team.

But we can take nothing for granted, we all have work to do. With your continued support, we will see Sinn Féin leading governments north and south.

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