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  • Ciarán Quinn

Summer Reading

Went on a bit of book-buying splurge for summer reading.

I made the mistake of picking up, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” by Chick Donohue to read the cover and ended up finishing the book in a weekend. A brilliant story well told. Thanks for the recommendation Mark Guilfoyle and Jay Hodges.

Given the number of recommendations from friends, I’m saving the “Immortal Irishman” by Timothy Egan for my holidays.

If you are interested in modern Irish Republican history I can’t recommend “10000 Days” by Jim “Jaz” McCann enough. A story of 17 years in Long Kesh from the Blanket Protest, Hunger Strikes, escape, and eventual freedom.

I’ll let you know how I get on with this pile. What is your recommendation for summer reading?

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