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Support Growing for a Presidential Special Envoy.

Writing on Irish Central, Ciarán Quinn (Sinn Féin) lays out the case of a Presidential Special Envoy to the North of Ireland.

The call has also been made by 25 members of Congress, the Irish Government, and leaders of Irish America.

A Presidential Special Envoy can make a difference as we deal with the immediate challenges to the Agreements and manage the process of change into the future.

“The Peace Process, the Good Friday Agreement, and all that stems from it have been a US Foreign policy success. It is a credit to the engagement and commitment of Irish America and the actions of American political leaders.

Peacebuilding is not a one-off event. It is a process to redress decades of violence, asserting democratic and peaceful methods above conflict. It is at its heart the process of managing change and resolving political differences.

Ireland and the US are partners in peace. A partnership that has endured. A partnership sustained on the common values of, peace, democracy, equality, reconciliation, and the primacy of politics over the threat of violence.

A partnership that is consistently renewed to match the challenges of the day.

That is why the appointment of a US Special Envoy is critical. It is a signal of intent that the Agreements and progress in Ireland are important to the US. It gives the US a seat at the table.”

Read the full article here: Why the appointment of a US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland is critical (

Write to your representatives and insist that they add their name to the call for a Special Envoy.

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