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The Cause of Ireland Is the Cause of Labor. The Cause of Labor in the Cause of Ireland.

Gerry Adams was a guest speaker at the Irish Echo Labor Awards.

In his contribution he recognized the role played by generations of labor leaders in supporting worker in the US and supporting the cause of Irish Freedom in Ireland.

Gerry said,

"Irish America has stayed true to the belief that no British government has any right to interfere in our affairs. We Irish can work out our own affairs to our own satisfaction.

We also have the wit and the wisdom to meet and work together with our unionist brothers and sisters and build the New Ireland.

As a result of our collective efforts there is now a peaceful way to bring about Irish Unity – Bobby Sands didn’t have that, the men and women of 1916 didn’t have that, the men and women of the United Irish Society or Clann na Gael or the Irish Republican Brotherhood did not have that. We have it. We have a peaceful way to achieve Irish Unity.

Irish America needs to understand that there will be a referendum on Irish Unity and Irish America will have a key role to play in bringing that about and in winning that referendum.

The Irish government don’t want a referendum on Unity.

The British government don’t want a referendum on unity, even though that is part of the Good Friday Agreement. But that referendum will happen. If we do the work and win the referendum we can be the first generation to actually live in a free United Ireland. So, support those trade union leaders who are for a united Ireland.

Support those political leaders who are for Irish Unity.

Support Friends of Sinn Féin.

Trade unionists want a better future for workers and their families and for their children.

As Irish republicans we are for a new future for the people of the island of Ireland, and especially for our children.

As Bobby Sands said: “Let our revenge be the laughter of our children.”

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