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The US Reacts To Sinn Féin Historic Election Win

As Sinn Féin emerged as the largest party and Michelle O’Neill becomes the First Minister-Designate, the Democratic Unionist Party moved to block the formation of the Government in the North of Ireland.

Below are some of the comments from the US.

“We call on Northern Ireland’s political leaders to take the necessary steps to re-establish a power-sharing executive, which is one of the core institutions established by the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. Critical and immediate challenges concerning the economy, health, and education are best addressed through the collective efforts of a devolved government chosen by, and accountable to, its people.”

Ned Price, Department of State Spokesperson

“The symbolic importance of the results cannot be overstated. As with any fair and free election, the real winners are the people. Voters in Northern Ireland made their voices heard and actively participated in creating the more prosperous future we all wish to see.

…… All parties must embrace the political process and the new vision for a shared island. The people of Northern Ireland are counting on their newly elected officials, and that means choosing shared governance over no governance at all.”

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-MA)

“The Irish American Unity Conference hails the election results of May 5 in the North of Ireland. The people of the North have voted decisively for Nationalist and centrist parties, which will make Sinn Fein the largest political party. It is widely understood that Sinn Fein leader Michelle O’Neill will thus be elevated to the top government position of First Minister and become the first Nationalist in history to hold that office

Four out of five Northern Irish voters have delivered a clear message to the DUP: we reject your politics of division, rancor, and negativity. Now the DUP will be tested on whether it believes in democracy.”

Irish American Unity Conference

“The Brehon Law Society of New York celebrates a vote that shows this progress and we congratulate Michelle O’Neill and Sinn Féin on this historic election result……

The question in Belfast now is whether unionists are going to accept the democratic vote of the people of Northern Ireland to get the executive in Stormont back up and running with Michelle O’Neill as First Minister…

The question in Dublin is whether the members of the government will finally get serious and find time to plan for reunification…

The question in London is whether the Johnson administration will stop using Northern Ireland and the Protocol to pick a fight with the European Union.”

Domhnall Ó’Catháin President of The Brehon Law Society of New York

"We congratulate all newly elected MLAs & urge all political parties to respect the voters desire to stand up the Executive. The Protocol does not diminish the GFA. What diminishes the GFA is unwillingness to act on Irish Language Act & Bill of Rights"

Ad Hoc Committee to Protect the Good Friday Agreement

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