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There is No Veto of the Good Friday Agreement

Today in 1998 the people of Ireland voted in Referendums, North and South to support the Good Friday Agreement.

The referendum required a simple majority in both states. There was no veto of the referendum.

In the North, 71.12 % voted in favor of the agreement. In the South, the result was 94.39% in favor.

The Democratic Unionist Party campaigned against the agreement and has never signed on to it.

Today the DUP is seeking to exercise a veto on the Good Friday Agreement as part of their opposition to the Brexit Protocol. They claim either the Good Friday Agreement goes or the protocol goes. The British Government has provided political covers for this outrageous attack on the Agreement

It is not in the gift of the British Government or the DUP to barter or veto. It is the people's agreement. It is a binding international agreement.

It was facilitated by the US. We are proud of the role played by successive administrations and leaders in Congress.

The Good Friday Agreement remains the choice of the vast majority across Ireland, North and South. It is the agreed way forward. It must be protected and implemented in full.

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