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Tories should scrap ‘cruel and callous’ legacy bill: Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has called on the Tories to listen to widespread opposition and scrap its cruel and callous Legacy Bill now.

The North Belfast MLA said, “I am calling on the British Government, once again, to scrap the flawed Legacy Bill that is attempting to close down truth and justice and put British state forces above the law.

“This reckless legislation is being rushed through and ignores opposition from victims and families, political parties, human rights experts and now the British Labour Party.

“The commitment given in Belfast by the leader of the British Opposition that he would repeal what is clearly an unjust piece of legislation is welcome.

“All voices must continue to challenge the Tories on these cruel and callous attempts to block access to truth and justice for victims and families at every turn.”

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