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Trade Union Leader Calls for Irish Unity.

“This generation of Irish American Trade Union leaders are seeking to fulfill the mandate of the 1916 Proclamation” – John Samuelsen International President Transport Workers Union (USA).

Irelands Future hosted a discussion with Trade Union leaders from Ireland, Britain, South Africa, and the US. The group promotes discussion and planning for a United Ireland. The US was represented by John Samuelsen of the TWU.

The union and John have a long connection with Ireland. The founder of the union was the legendary Mike Quill, a member of the Irish Citizens Army that fought for Irish Independence and advocates for workers' rights and equality across the globe.

John has retained the tradition as an outspoken champion of workers and passionate advocate for Irish Unity.

Listen as John sets out his belief in Irish Unity and commitment to realizing the promise of the 1916 Easter Commemoration. Please share with friends and supporters in the Trade Union movement.

The full panel discussion can be accessed here: The International Labour Movement - YouTube

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