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UN Human Rights Experts Slam British Government Proposals

UN Human Rights experts slam British Government proposals to end investigations and prevent victims accessing the legal system as a, "flagrant violation of its international obligations."

Leading members of the UN Human Rights Council said they had “grave concern” at the British Government proposals which amount to a blanket amnesty.

In a hard-hitting statement, the UN Special Rapporteurs Fabián Salvioli and Morris Tidball-Binz said

"We express grave concern that the plan outlined in July's statement forecloses the pursuit of justice and accountability for the serious human rights violations committed during the Troubles and thwarts victims' rights to truth and to an effective remedy for the harm suffered, placing the United Kingdom in flagrant violation of its international obligations,"

In response to the statement by the UN Human Rights Experts, Sinn Féin Deputy President said,

“The British government proposals are clearly an attempt to put state forces beyond the reach of the law and to continue to deny truth to families.

“The proposals have been rejected by the Assembly. It is now clear that if implemented, they will also potentially breach international law.

“This intervention by UN experts, at this time, is a further signal that the international community is alert, awakened, and aware of the British government’s cynical intent to cover up their dirty war in Ireland.

"In light of the intervention from UN experts, I am again calling on the British government to listen to the international community and withdraw their controversial amnesty proposals without further delay.”

Read the full UN Statement Here

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