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Unionist Chaos Continues

Arlene Foster to stand down as leader of the DUP and joint First Minister in the North by the end of June. This follows a letter signed by the majority of DUP Assembly members, voicing no confidence in the current party leadership.

Various reasons have been given including, a DUP Minister attending the North-South Ministerial Council Meeting (an obligation on Ministers and a commitment of the Good Friday Agreement), failing to oppose a ban on “gay conversion therapy”, to Brexit, and the growing call for an Irish Unity referendum.

Behind these issues is a simple fact; political unionism is no longer the majority and cannot impose its view on Northern Society. Changing leadership and failing to recognize that point is simply re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The action of unionist parties and paramilitaries is an attack on the principles and commitments of the Good Friday Agreement. Peace, democracy, and equality must and will endure.

The US speaks with one voice in these challenging times; the Good Friday Agreement is the only way forward.

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