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British Army Flags An Insult to Those Killed on Bloody Sunday

This week marks the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Derry when members of the British Army Parachute Regiment shot and killed 14 civil rights protesters.

Flags celebrating the Parachute Regiment have been erected in two unionist-dominated villages on the road into Derry.

This is not the first time that offensive flags commemorating the regiment have been erected.

Since the erection of the flags Unionist leaders have been silent.

A number of years ago leading members of the largest unionist party, the DUP, posed beneath a banner in support of one of the soldiers.

Sinn Féin MLA Ciara Ferguson has said the erection of British army Parachute Regiment flags in areas of the city is a deliberate attempt to cause hurt to the Bloody Sunday families ahead of the 50th anniversary.

The Foyle MLA said:

“There is huge upset in the city after British army Parachute regiment flags were erected in Newbuildings and Drumahoe over recent days.

“Given this British regiment’s brutal history in Derry, this is a deliberate attempt to stir up tensions and hurt families ahead of the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the murder of 14 civilians by the British Army in Derry.

“I have stood with those families in recent days, they are steadfast, courageous and determined in their campaign for truth and justice for their loved ones.

“I am calling on all political parties and community leaders to condemn the erecting of these flags and to use their influence to have them removed immediately.”

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