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Unity Will Build Prosperity

IRELAND CANNOT AFFORD PARTITION. IRISH UNITY WILL BUILD PROSPERITY. Those are the key findings of an economic paper launched today by Sinn Féin. Imposing a British Border on Ireland led to decades of conflict and came at a huge economic cost. While we now have peace the cost of the Border is still with us.

There never was an economic case for partition. The passage of almost 100 years of partition has demonstrated that splitting a small island's economy made no sense. But it did give rise to economic myths; the North’s prosperity was due to the union with Britain and the South could not afford the North.

The new report by Sinn Féin disproves those myths once and for all. Unity is affordable, will reduce costs, create efficiencies, and realize the economic potential of the whole island.

The Economic Benefits of Irish Unity Report can be accessed here:

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