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Watch US Congressional Commission Hearing Into British Government Cover-Up Proposals

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Inquests in Belfast have found the British Army responsible for killing innocent civilians.

Numerous Police Ombudsman reports have found the British agents responsible for mass shootings and the targeted assassination of Irish Republicans. These agents were recruited, paid, and protected by the Police. They were armed by the police and military who also provided intelligence on targets.

Families bereaved and those injured have taken civil actions to uncover evidence and successfully sue for damages.

The response by the British Government to the uncovering of the actions of their police, army, and agents; close all judicial investigations, ban victims from accessing the courts and impose an unconditional amnesty. Their coverup will be made legal.

The British Government proposals have been rejected by victims and their families, all political parties across Ireland, the Irish Government, the churches. Human Rights organizations and US Congress.

The proposed cover-up undermines the human rights provisions of the Good Friday Agreement and the Stormont House Agreement.

The Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hosted a hearing on the British Governments proposals.

The Congression Commission hosted by: Rep. Christopher H. Smith Co-Chair, TLHRC, and Rep. James P. McGovern, Co-Chair, TLHRC

The hearing included witness statements from:

Mark Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Relatives for Justice

Geraldine Finucane, Widow of murdered human rights lawyer Patrick Finucane

Alan McBride, Co-Coordinator, Wave Trauma Center

Jon Boutcher, Head, Operation Kenova

Louise Mallinder, Vice-Chair, Committee on the Administration of Justice

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