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Watch AOH emergency legacy justice appeal webinar

By its appointment of former Chief Justice Declan Morgan to head its new legacy commission, the British government is clearly signaling its intention to move ahead with the Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill, despite overwhelming opposition by victims’ relatives, human rights campaigners, the Irish government and all major six county political parties. With British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak arriving in Washington, victims’ relatives are making an emergency appeal for American help, as their best hope to stop a bill designed to cut off legal channels for justice. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, joined victims’ relative Patsy Kelly, civil rights lawyer Niall Murphy, and justice campaigner Andree Murphy in a live webinar broadcast, hosted by the Ancient Order of Hibernians,


The British amnesty bill aims to discard Britain’s Stormont House Agreement on legacy mechanisms with the Irish government. It also seeks to end criminal cases, Historical Investigations, Inquests, civil suits or Ombudsman investigations which could give the truth in hundreds cases including British crown force or collusion killings. Instead, the British want to set-up an Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery (ICRIR) which victims’ relatives fear will bury the truth along with the victims. Although the amnesty bill has not yet been passed at Westminster, the British have already announced the appointment of retired Chief Judge Declan Morgan to head the Commission.

You can watch the whole webinar here:

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