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"We must work together in a new Assembly to seize this moment." - O'Neill

Updated: Oct 26

Speaking this week ahead of meetings with a delegation of some of the world's leading business people, Sinn Féin Vice President and First Minster Elect Michelle O'Neill said, "This is an enormous opportunity for us to attract major investment, create new jobs, and better the lives of workers, families and all our communities.

"We must work together in a new Assembly to seize this moment to match the incredible talent and ambition of our young people, and ensure they have the best possible opportunities to reach their full potential in life.

"Businesses across the world are galvanised by our unique and unprecedented access to both European and British markets.

"They want to invest here.

"I am determined to lead real change in a new Executive, and work in partnership with all parties to provide the much-needed political leadership that people demand and deserve."

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