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We need an Executive up and running and investment in essential public services – Mary Lou McDonald

Uachtarán Shinn Féin Mary Lou McDonald has called for an Executive to be formed now and said it is past time the British Government invested more money in essential public services.

Speaking after she and First Minister Designate Michelle O’Neill met with the British Secretary of State today, Teachta McDonald said, “We challenged Chris Heaton-Harris today on what he is doing to get the Executive back up and running.

“People are struggling to heat their homes as the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite. Our health service is under huge pressure and needs investment and workers are being forced to take strike action for fair pay and safe staffing levels.

“Chris Heaton Harris is legislating for further drift and has yet to articulate a clear plan to get the Executive up and running. Positive soundings around the protocol are of course welcome but we need a deal to be concluded and government back up and running.

“We have told him that rather than slashing services that are already underfunded after twelve years of Tory cuts, the British government should be investing more money in public services.

“The continued cuts to these services is unacceptable at a time when the Tories have chosen to look after the bankers, and energy companies which are ripping off the public.

“Locally elected ministers should be working together around the Executive table to implement life-saving legislation like Dáithí’s Law, to invest in the health service and to support workers and families with rising living costs.

“There is serious business to be done and no time to waste. Our priority is to work together with the other parties and the two governments to get the job done for the people.

“Progress is being made on the Protocol talks, but regardless of that, the Executive can and should be formed today, tomorrow or at the earliest opportunity.”

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