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What’s in Your Stack.

Let us know what you are reading, post a picture of what you would recommend.

We were talking last week about books and I asked Ciarán Quinn about his current stack of books and he sent us the following.....

Hi Greg,

Here’s what I’m reading or about to start into.

I’ve just started and maybe some time with, “Struggle with Power” a record of the lead-up to the American Revolution. I'm looking for tips to defeat a British Government!!!!.

Liam Mellows and Sindey Gifford were Irish Revolutionaries and friends whose paths crossed in New York after the Rising. "The Years Flew By" is part autobiography, part collection of writings by the remarkable Madame Sidney Gifford Czira aka "John Brennan"

“Comrades” and “Black Mountain” are my latest buys.

“Black Mountain” is a collection of short stories by Gerry Adams and “Comrades” is a collection of former prisoners remembering the 1981 Hunger Strikers.

This week the Irish Poet Brendan Kennelly died and I reread his short collection of poems “Reservoir Voices” which he wrote when working in Boston College.


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