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Where is the Irish Language Act ?

There is no official recognition or protection of the rights of Irish speakers in the North of Ireland. The Northern state was established 100 years ago. There was no official place for the Irish Language or Irish culture. It survived by the actions and dedication of the people.

The advances for Irish Speakers have been hard-won. The thriving Irish Medium schools movement is rooted in the actions of parents who set up Irish Language schools in the face of state opposition. And they won. Last January both governments and all parties agreed to an Irish Language Act and Strategy. While Covid caused a crisis, it is now past time to legislate for the Irish Language Act as agreed 16 months ago.

Sinn Féin MLA Deirdre Hargey has said, "There was a commitment to an Irish language strategy and language act, It needs to be delivered now.

This is an issue I had raised repeatedly at the Executive and made it clear there is a responsibility to have the legislation in place urgently.

Irish speakers should not have to continue to go to the courts to secure their rights.”

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