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Which Union Do You Want to Join?


Brexit, like partition itself is an English policy promoted without any care or consideration for its impact on Ireland, its people, and its economy. We are all working hard to limit the damage. This week, due in part to the pressure from The United States, Britain was forced to backtrack on a threat that could have led to the return of a hard border on the Island. While a trade deal remains uncertain, we do know that come the 1st of January things will have changed. The North will no longer enjoy the benefits of full European Union membership, something that was taken for granted for generations.

Brexit is not a one-off event. Its impacts will be profound, long-lasting, and felt by all. The way back to the EU for the North is clear and agreed. It is through Irish unity. Irish Republicans believe that unity is the future and is in the best interest of all. However, others will now face a choice of which union they want to be part of. One led by the little Englanders of Boris Johnson or a new and united Ireland in the European Union.

The choice is clear - Irish Unity is the way forward!

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