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With Friends Like These Anything is Possible.

When is a letter from Ireland not a letter from Ireland? When it's written in America. This week Ciarán Quinn has been traveling in Washington and New York with the Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald. Read his take on the trip and never miss a letter from Ireland, sign up here.

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald Addressing the New York Bar Association

a Chara, This Letter from Ireland is not a letter from Ireland. This week has been spent traveling with the Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald. At times it felt more like a homecoming given the support and well wishes we received from Political and community leaders. It is always impressive climbing the steps of the Capitol. But this was not a sightseeing visit. There was work to be done. Democrat and Republican party leaders shared their hopes for the future and their interest in Ireland. None underestimated the challenges and all are committed to the full implementation of our agreements. Their interest in Ireland goes beyond a political concern. A bond of kinship spanning generations. It is clear Congressional leaders will hold the British Government to account. Both parties and both houses of Congress speak with one voice, “Agreements made must be agreements honored”. There is no support for the British Governments proposals to end investigations and offer a self-serving unconditional amnesty. Trade deals will not be progressed if Britain continues to threaten to suspend their Brexit Agreements. Politics aside, it was also an opportunity to reconnect with trade union leaders and Irish America. I’m looking forward to meeting with the Emerald Isle Immigration Centre and I’m told the best breakfast in America. The Covid experience has been devastating across Ireland and US. It has also brought out the best in the community that has rallied around and looked after those in need. No more so than the support offered to the undocumented. It was a trip of high politics and renewed friendships. We face many challenges as we build a new and united Ireland. We head home tired but inspired. With friends like these anything is possible. Thank you, America for your hospitality, your support, and your friendship. Have a great weekend. Is mise Ciarán

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